Hosted by Kallion Leadership and Coker University (Hartsville, SC)

Dates: January 4-15, 2021

Registration: $50, sign up here!

What is the Study-to-Practice Faculty Development Workshop?

The S2P Workshop helps college-level educators in the humanities reimagine themselves as leadership trainers. We seek to move beyond studying what leadership is to making our students better leadership practitioners through engagement with literature, philosophy, history, and the arts. We also believe real-world experience and perspective can provide a useful check on which leadership behaviors and traits are most valuable outside of the classroom and most essential for us to focus on with our students, so this workshop includes interviews and a live Q&A session with community leaders from the Hartsville, SC area. Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to team up with other educators to explore ways in which you are already teaching your students how to practice leadership (but you just don’t call it ‘leadership’) or how you could be encouraging leadership development even more. You can read a recap of the first S2P workshop, held in Washington, DC in August 2019 here.

What can I expect?

There will be six (6) hour-long Zoom sessions total, where you will think broadly about the humanities as leadership training, learn from community leaders, and workshop assignments in small groups. In addition, you will be strongly encouraged to share feedback and pose questions throughout the workshop on our private discussion board. Each participant will choose one of three focus tracks, inspired by our community speakers: Vision Setting, Tapping into Community Potential, and Managing Change. In facilitated small group workshops, you will clarify your understanding of your chosen aspect of leadership and experiment with ways to incorporate it into your teaching. By the end of the workshop, you will have a revised assignment that engages students as leadership practitioners, ready to use in this spring’s classes.

How do I sign up?!

The registration fee for this workshop is $50, and the deadline is December 31. The registration form can be accessed here. Registrations accepted on a rolling basis, and spaces are limited. Participants who complete all of the workshop activities will receive a certificate denoting their completion of the workshop.

Who is involved?

Community Leaders

Aimee Cox-King is the founder and executive director of Cypress Adventures, Inc., which is a non-profit organization that focuses on youth development through adventure-based experiential education. Every year, Cypress hosts leadership programs for adolescents and teens. She has a master’s degree in Youth Development Leadership and has built several partnerships across the community to ensure that the program is free and the young people in the program earn school credit.

Curtis Lee is a retired Marine Colonel, who now brings his skills with entrepreneurship to community building. He worked for Sonoco for several years, and was the director of business alignment and global business technology. Currently, Curtis is the chair of the City of Hartsville Planning Commission, which prepares and recommends policies to the City Council.

Darnell Byrd McPherson is the first African-American woman mayor of Lamar, SC (elected in 2017, and term ends in 2021). She is a licensed social worker by profession, and currently serves as the Executive Director of the Darlington County First Steps. As executive director, she has created numerous community partnerships. Her vision for economic growth begins with the community, and involves careful planning and collaboration with others.


Mallory Monaco Caterine a co-founder and co-executive director of Kallion Leadership, a non-profit dedicated to designing and developing communities around the study of the Humanities, in order to unlock the human talent for creative, benevolent, and lasting improvements to our common condition. She is also a Senior Professor of Practice in Classical Studies at Tulane University. There she builds effective, student-focused curricula by integrating design-thinking, service-learning, and leadership skills, bridging the gap between theory and practice.

John Esposito has a PhD in Classics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has taught in three academic departments, most recently as a Lecturer in Classical Studies at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. His main goal as a teacher is to empower students to harmonize the entailments of focused academic observation and argument with the empirical data of everyday experience. John has served on the leadership team of a software publishing and research startup and is currently a technical architect at 6st Technologies. He is one of Kallion’s founding members.

Rhonda Knight is a Professor of English at Coker University. She earned her Ph.D. at the State University of New York-Binghamton, where she specialized in medieval literature. Rhonda was Coker’s 2018 recipient of the South Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities’ Excellence in Teaching Award and currently holds the James Wayne Lemke Endowed Chair in College Service and Leadership. Since 2019, she has served on Kallion’s Board of Advisors.

Schedule of Synchronous Sessions (all times EST)

Monday, January 4, 12:00pm-1:00pm Opening Session, with talk by Mallory Monaco Caterine, “Sketching Leaders with Plutarch”
Wednesday, January 6, 12:00pm-1:00pm Live Q&A: Curtis Lee, Darnell Byrd McPherson, Aimee Cox-King
Thursday, January 7 or Friday, January 8 1st Focus Track Meeting: time TBD on participant schedules
Monday, January 11 2nd Focus Track Meeting: time TBD on participant schedules
Wednesday, January 13 3rd Focus Track Meeting: time TBD on participant schedules
Friday, January 15, 12:00pm-1:00pm Closing Session and Celebration

We hope that you’ll join us as we work to elevate leadership through the humanities. Please reach out to Rhonda Knight (, Mallory Monaco Caterine (, or with any questions you may have.


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