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When we all come together with the potential we each carry, leadership burns bright 🔥

Everyone has the capacity to lead where they are.

Kallion Leadership sketchbooks

An essential tool for recording your leadership journey and mapping where you want to go

Sketching leadership is a way of taking ownership of your leadership development by thinking more deeply about problems of leadership, creating a clearer and more precise vocabulary for yourself, and visualizing what your own leadership would look like once it has been informed by your sketch. Your sketches can also serve as a record and a reminder of your leadership journey. A sketchbook is thus a kind of amulet you carry with you, with the power to unlock your potential at any right moment.

I swooned over the election of Prime Minister Sanna Marin the same year the library opened. She is an avowed feminist and environmentalist. At 34-years-old, she was among the youngest world leaders ever elected. She is composed and always well-prepared.
Communal qualities of leadership that are often gendered female can lead to innovative acts--powered by planning, goal-setting and forward thinking--and the empowerment of others--created through relationship building and providing opportunities and support.
As a model of democratic leadership, Rev. King shows us how to practice agape even in the face of disappointment.