Kallion Leadership sketchbooks

An essential tool for recording your leadership journey and mapping where you want to go

Sketching leadership is a way of taking ownership of your leadership development by thinking more deeply about problems of leadership, creating a clearer and more precise vocabulary for yourself, and visualizing what your own leadership would look like once it has been informed by your sketch. Your sketches can also serve as a record and a reminder of your leadership journey. A sketchbook is thus a kind of amulet you carry with you, with the power to unlock your potential at any right moment.

But how do we apply empathy in the post-COVID workplace? Remote work has disrupted the personal dynamics we once relied on, making it more challenging to understand the individual needs of employees. As empathetic leaders, it is essential to actively seek connections, master communication tools, and organize engaging virtual gatherings to support flexibility and recognize the added responsibilities and pressures experienced by team members.
When I think about my career journey thus far, I often find myself reflecting on the humanities and the important role this field of study has played within it – because the two are so closely interwoven.
Today, we segregate ourselves and our work force into “science people” and “artsy people,” as if there cannot be any useful overlap. In a world of increasing political and social polarization, we need overlap. Our medical system is in desperate need of ethics and humanist values. Our political system needs more objectivity and less emotional echo chambers. Science and the liberal arts are not opposing forces, but necessary complements to each other.