Kallion Leadership sketchbooks

An essential tool for recording your leadership journey and mapping where you want to go

Sketching leadership is a way of taking ownership of your leadership development by thinking more deeply about problems of leadership, creating a clearer and more precise vocabulary for yourself, and visualizing what your own leadership would look like once it has been informed by your sketch. Your sketches can also serve as a record and a reminder of your leadership journey. A sketchbook is thus a kind of amulet you carry with you, with the power to unlock your potential at any right moment.

Addressing mental health in my classroom sets the foundation for a safe and inclusive learning environment where they can grow, empathize, and practice leadership.
Here is the real treat: enjoying the endless forms in which democracy and leadership relate to our everyday life, our passions, fears, revolutions, and routines. Leadership is performative art, entropy and order, jazz, dance, tragedy, laughter, trial, conflict, consensus, death, and rebirth. It is learning from the global assemblies or from your grandparents’ cozy tea parties, from children, from horses, from ants and cells on a Petrie dish, from tree-branch geometries, atoms, and stars… I hope I will never stop learning.
From work study positions in college (where I developed my love of learning and writing centers) to classrooms, and fabrication floors, my postsecondary learners will understand the importance of how their work and training makes the community better and our democracy stronger. This is my pledge to each of you.