Fall Circle Series

This fall, we will be hosting four different Kallion Circles!
Each Circle covers a different topic related to leadership and will be hosted by a Kallion community member. Click below to learn more about each Circle, including registration details, time commitment, and humanities artifacts.

Repairing the Social Fabric of Our Country 

Hosted By: Philippa Hughes

Kallion Board Member

Christine de Pizan’s The Book of the City of Ladies

Hosted By: Rhonda Knight

Kallion Circles Co-Chair & Advisor

Leadership for Peace and Reconciliation Using Binti and Oslo

Hosted By: Norman Sandridge

Kallion Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director

Leading with Friendship

Hosted By: Mallory Monaco Caterine

Kallion Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director

Kallion Leadership sketchbooks

An essential tool for recording your leadership journey and mapping where you want to go

Sketching leadership is a way of taking ownership of your leadership development by thinking more deeply about problems of leadership, creating a clearer and more precise vocabulary for yourself, and visualizing what your own leadership would look like once it has been informed by your sketch. Your sketches can also serve as a record and a reminder of your leadership journey. A sketchbook is thus a kind of amulet you carry with you, with the power to unlock your potential at any right moment.

I have seen enough great spirits over the past three years to give me the confidence that humanity does have the capacity for a moral arc, and I am hopeful that it will continue to bend toward “creative, benevolent, and lasting improvements to our common condition.”
The biggest lesson that I learned throughout this course is that our democracy relies on all Americans to work to improve our current conditions and recognize that our democracy must be our priority to sustain or it will become at risk.
"I associated democratic leadership with only two things: antiquity and politics. This all changed, however, following my participation in the 2021 ICDL. Thanks to Kallion, the ICDL, and everyone I met and collaborated with last summer, I was able to see my world and my surroundings in eye-opening and previously unthought of ways."