A virtual fundraiser for the International Camp for democratic leadership 

Charles Ives and the Ideals of Democracy
Thursday, June 10 7:30-9:00 PM EST

Join Richard Giarusso–Kallion Advisor and Chair of Musicology at the Peabody Institute at Johns Hopkins University–for a Zoom lecture and discussion on the democratic legacy of Charles Ives: one of the most important American composers of the 20th Century. Funds raised will benefit the International Camp for Democratic Leadership. Donations are encouraged but not required for registration. 

how we talk about what we do

Paraphrasing the ancient Athenian author Xenophon, Kallion treats  leadership as the practice of “seeing to it that others have what they need and become what they need to be” ( The Education of Cyrus 1.6.7). For Kallion, leading is about providing for others and helping them develop the skills and character they need. Studying the humanities helps us both understand our human needs at the deepest possible level and how to meet them.

Upcoming Events

The International Camp for Democratic Leadership

The International Camp for Democratic Leadership is going online!

In light of the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, we have made the decision to host the 2021 International Camp for Democratic Leadership online. Although we will be online, our sense of community and purpose will remain unchanged. Additionally, we hope that the online format will allow for more participants from across the globe to be involved. We plan to host the 2022 ICDL in Rethymno, and this year’s online camp will serve as a lead-in to the in person camp next summer. 

The Workshops

The core of the ICDL is the series of two daily workshops. These workshops will be led by facilitators and informed by the participants’ engagement with various works in the humanities including literature, drama, philosophy, biography, archaeology, rhetoric, design, linguistics, and the arts. 

The International Camp for Democratic Leadership 

Strengthen Global Democracy by Improving Your Own Democratic Leadership

Kallion Leadership sketchbooks

An essential tool for recording your leadership journey and mapping where you want to go

Sketching leadership is a way of taking ownership of your leadership development by thinking more deeply about problems of leadership, creating a clearer and more precise vocabulary for yourself, and visualizing what your own leadership would look like once it has been informed by your sketch. Your sketches can also serve as a record and a reminder of your leadership journey. A sketchbook is thus a kind of amulet you carry with you, with the power to unlock your potential at any right moment.

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