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Stoke the Kallion Signal Fire!

Make a gift to Kallion this holiday season and complete your end-of-year giving with a $100 donation to our Signal Fire campaign.

Support Leadership Development

What is more urgent for the challenges of our time than the need for leadership that holds humanity front of mind and close to heart, rooted in engagement with the humanities?


One-time $100 donation directly to Kallion.

Funding will provide high-quality, accessible, daily compensated programming.


For a one-time $100 donation, you will receive . . .

-Kallion Signal Fire matchbox and candle

-Quarterly Kallion Signal Fire newsletter

Early-bird rates to the ICDL and Kallion Circles

Invitation to an annual presentation by our co-executive directors on the state of leadership through the humanities in Kallion


Donors are advocates for Kallion’s model of leadership, based not on power or prestige, but rather the art of meeting the needs of others and empowering them to realize their full potential. Each donation will help to stoke the Kallion Signal Fire and amplify our message.


The Signal Fire is an ancient practice of transmitting important information across vast distances. Signal fires require vigilant watchers who stand at the ready to pass on the news to the next post, ensuring that the message reaches every community.