Special Thanks

Kimberly Sandridge

Kallion would like to recognize Kimberly Sandridge for creating the Kallion Signalfire logo. Kimberly has BA’s in psychology and art history from Wellesley College and an MA in art history from the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill. For 15 years, she worked as a trial consultant first for DecisionQuest New York and Washington, DC and later in her own practice sibylLINE Visual Consulting in Silver Spring, MD. For the past four years she has worked as an Early Childhood Montessori teacher. Currently, she is a Lead Teacher and the Director of Early Childhood Education at Evergreen School in Silver Spring, MD.  

Eric Shimelonis

Kallion would like to recognize Eric Shimelonis for composing the theme for Kallion’s Leading Thinkers podcast. Eric Shimelonis is a composer, conductor, and multi-instrumentalist. His genre-defying score work has been heard on the big screen and the small stage, and his classical compositions have been performed at Carnegie Hall, The Kennedy Center, Tanglewood, and Harvard’s Center for Hellenic Studies. In collaboration with his wife, Rebecca Sheir, Eric scores and produces the children’s storytelling podcast Circle Round. He is also a perpetual student of the humanities a volunteer first responder, and holds elected office in West Stockbridge, Mass.