Leadership Development for Everyone (LD4E) Research Community

A community to research the methods, strategies, and resources the humanities provides in leadership development

Kallion’s Leadership Development for Everyone (LD4E) Research Community is a group of scholars, educators, and curiosity-oriented people who see good and benevolent leadership as critical to life. We see the humanities as a uniquely excellent means of making leadership better and are united in our commitment to researching the methods, strategies, and resources the humanities provides in leadership development. We bristle at exclusionary pictures of leadership and tend to think democratically. 

To us, democracy is leadership – the humanities in action – for everyone because the humanities in nature tend not to leave anyone behind. 


The Leadership Development for Everyone (LD4E) Research Community aims enrich leadership  studies by turning the humanities’ scope to include all things that leadership should address. We aim to justify the worth of the humanities as leadership training by collating and supporting cognitive and social-scientific research. 


The LD4E Research Community presupposes that the work of leading is too complex and too globally unconstrained to admit any mechanical solutions; we propose the humanities’ ability to tear off methodological and technical blinders as a necessary adjunct to leadership skills, with the goal of respecting the unique character of leadership.

Why LD4E?

Within the humanities, w e intend to help scholars understand leadership apart from their professional experience. To researchers in non-humanities disciplines, we seek to make humanities artifacts’ dynamic portrayals of leadership more accessible and to harmonize the technical power of non-humanities disciplines with the experiences of humanity. For educators, we intend to publish resources that simplify the inclusion of the humanities in leadership courses (and vice-versa).

Community Goals

The Leadership Development for Everyone (LD4E) Research Community will address Goal One, Strategy 3 of Kallion’s Strategic Plan (’21 – ’24): “Investigate and communicate to administrators, educators, and students the ways in which the study of the humanities is vital to leadership development for everyone.”


Host events about leadership and the humanities.


Publish a “Leadership and the Humanities” Reading List on the Kallion website.


Support someone’s academic research publication in a humanities journal.

Community Co-Chairs

Laura Milman

LD4E Co-Chair

Laura Milman is a teacher of philosophy and PhD student in Calgary, Canada, where she is studying philosophy and Greek.

John Esposito

LD4E Co-Chair

John Esposito is a lecturer in the department of Classical Studies at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro and a technical architect at 6 Street Technologies. His research focuses on Greek epic, military and intellectual history, and psychology in ancient literature. He is currently working on a manuscript on hetaireia (warrior-companionship) in Homer. He is particularly interested in collaborative and interdisciplinary pedagogies. He is both the digital architect of, and a content contributor for, collaborative courses on ancient leadership, Beyond the Boundaries of Fantasia and American Pi: Ancient Leadership in the Era of Donald Trump. John works with Kallion to leverage digital media to aid students as they explore timeless leadership questions,