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    • Introductions and Expectations for the IDeC Summer 2020
      Please introduce yourself in whatever way you like and share with us some of your recent experiences with democratic leadership and your expectations for this camp!
      1. What have been the most impressive examples of democratic leadership you have seen in recent months?
      2. What aspects of your own democratic leadership have you been thinking about and trying to cultivate?
      3. What do you hope to get out of this camp over the next four weeks?
      As you think about these questions, you may want to reflect on the IDeC's Challenge to cultivate these behaviors of democratic leadership (and you may wish to recommend other democratic leadership behaviors):
      • taking responsibility for the well-being of your community, including your own needs
      • understanding how your community operates, its rules, laws, values, and culture
      • speaking out about problems facing your community in a clear, relevant, timely, and measured way
      • empowering and including others by encouraging, honoring, teaching, or mentoring them, and by setting a good example
      • confronting ignorance and counterproductive behavior in others
      • understanding and asserting your role in  the community based on your talents and opportunities
      • engaging in civil and constructive dialogue about problems both concrete and abstract
      • building networks of trust and understanding
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