Become an
Agent of Leadership


Your $20-a-month sustaining donation will allow Kallion to provide consistent programming that supports an ongoing practice of leadership through the humanities.

What is an Agent of Leadership? 

Instead of dividing the world into leaders and followers, Kallion believes that everyone has the capacity to be an Agent of Leadership: someone who is deeply committed to assessing and addressing the needs of others and to helping them reach their full potential.

Benefits of Being an Agent of Leadership

Exclusive one-time $50 discount for a Kallion event

Invitation to Kallion’s Annual Year-in-Review

-Ability to share feedback on surveys and focus groups in order to better understand your unique leadership challenges and aspirations

Exclusive online access to video testimonials from Kallion Board Members and Advisors

-Kallion magnet, sticker, and tote bag

Agents of Leadership are the foundation of Kallion Leadership, Inc.

Through monthly donations, Agents of Leadership directly support Kallion’s sustained practice of leadership development through engaging with the humanities. 

When you become an Agent of Leadership, you are joining an intergenerational, diverse group of people dedicated to a lifelong commitment to leadership ready to seize the opportunities and face the challenges in their lives.

What is an Agent of Leadership?

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