Norman Sandridge is an associate professor of Classics at Howard University and an associate in leadership studies at the Center for Hellenic Studies. He is the author of Loving Humanity, Learning, and Being Honored: The Foundations of Leadership in Xenophon’s Education of Cyrus. He is the co-creator with David Carlisle of Cyrus’ Paradise, a collaborative online commentary to Xenophon’s Education of Cyrus. Norman is also the co-creator of collaborative courses on ancient leadership, Beyond the Boundaries of Fantasia and American Pi: Ancient Leadership in the Era of Donald Trump. He hosts the Kallion podcast, The Art of Leadership, and writes frequently about leadership (including psychopathic leadership) on and on the Kallion Blog. A complete bibliography of Norman’s online materials may be found here. Norman works with Kallion to identify and support communities interested in learning more about the study of leadership through the humanities as well as those interested in using the humanities to improve their own leadership.