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  • June 21 - Welcome to the IDeC! (12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. EST, 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m Greece)

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  • June 22 - WORKSHOP 1A: Intercultural Communication and Democratic Leadership with Irene Theodoropoulou

    Leadership nowadays is multicultural, namely it translates into influence across national and cultural boundaries. After a short introduction to the basics of intercultural communication and cultural intelligence, we will focus on Obama’s 2016 Athens speech by looking at the linguistic, discursive and semiotic mechanisms whereby he exhibits democratic leadership.

  • June 23 - WORKSHOP 1B: Democracy on Trial (Ancient Drama) with Irene Morrison-Moncure

    Through a selected reading of Aeschylus’ Eumenides and Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar this workshop will explore how theatre can promote and problematize aspects of democratic leadership.

  • June 23 - GUEST LECTURE: "Despots Fear The Public Space" with Andreas Akaras
  • June 24 - WORKSHOP 1C: Emotions of the Demos with Mallory Monaco Caterine

    How does a leader read and guide the emotions of the people to inspire them to act? We will analyze, discuss, and critique Aristotle’s advice in the Art of Rhetoric based on our own experiences of modern democracy.

  • June 25 - WORKSHOP 1D: Storytelling and Public Life: Autobiography with Jeff Beneker

    How do leaders present their stories to advance their careers? We analyze the various forms of narrative, and we read, discuss, and analyze a selection from the autobiography of US Senator John McCain.

  • June 26 - Camp Bonding Event!
  • June 29 - WORKSHOP 2A: Cultural Intelligence and Democratic Leadership During COVID-19 with Irene Theodoropoulou

    Leadership is a skill that is exhibited in critical situations, such as COVID-19. In the context of this global pandemic, other country leaders were able to demonstrate leadership by taking “the right measures,” and communicating in a persuasive way to their people what the latter had to do during the lockdown, while others failed to do so. Drawing on the concept of “cultural intelligence,” we will focus on a speech by the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and one by Donald J. Trump during COVID-19, and we will investigate the extent to which these two leaders have (failed to) show(n) democratic leadership.

  • June 30 - WORKSHOP 2B: Democracy on Trial (Modern Drama) with Irene Morrison-Moncure

    Through a selected reading of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible and Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee’s Inherit the Wind this workshop will examine how dramatic works can reflect the successes and shortcomings of a collaborative and participatory government.

  • July 1 - WORKSHOP 2C: Storytelling and Public Life: Eulogy with Jeff Beneker

    How leaders preserve their legacies? We study the eulogies of John McCain presented by one of his former political opponents, Barack Obama, to evaluate his legacy and his own role in creating it, and we discuss the influence that John McCain continues to exert in public life.

  • July 2 - WORKSHOP 2D: Democracy House: Behaviors and Skills with Rhonda Knight

    Campers will examine the popular quarantine house meme and then think about how they would create their own house based on democratic principles and dispositions that they define. This session will ask campers to examine their own democratic behaviors and aptitudes in relation to a short reading from the book The Gardens of Democracy.

  • July 6 - WORKSHOP 3A: Being a Friend to Others in a Democracy (Including Those You Don’t Like) with Norman Sandridge

    We will focus on cultivating a concern for and a sense of responsibility for the members of one's community by talking about the history of the idea of being a "friend to humanity" in a work by pioneering journalist and civil rights activist, Ida B. Wells (1862-1931)

  • July 7 - WORKSHOP 3B: Is Racism the New Pandemic? Systemic and Systematic Discriminations in Democratic Societies with Mary Marin and Georgia Karela

    Drawing on Kerry Kennedy’s work Speak Truth to Power and a plethora of audio-visual materials from Amnesty International, OHCHR and UNICEF this workshop will help campers explore the causes and consequences of race, gender and social class inequalities and learn how they can be empowered to claim and defend their rights.

  • July 8 - WORKSHOP 3C: Emotions of the Democratic Leader with Mallory Monaco Caterine

    Plutarch’s On Controlling Anger will help us to explore: How do the emotions of the leader affect their work? And how do we, as democratic leaders, become more aware of our own emotions and the effects they may have on our community?

  • July 9 - WORKSHOP 3D: Active Citizenship as a Way of Living with Valia Loutrianaki and Giota Giannopoulou

    A close look (in theory and practice) into three basic life skills needed for a citizen to be effective and able to have a steady and fruitful participation in public life: communication and public speaking, creative thinking and media literacy. How can we all, as citizens, empower our position through education in these sectors?

  • July 9 (2:00 EST/9:00 Greece) - GUEST LECTURE: "Imagining Response-able Futures. Thinking and feeling with Arts-Based Approaches" with Macarena García-González
  • July 13 - WORKSHOP 4A: Overcoming Dehumanizing Stereotypes and Asserting One's Capacity for Democratic Leadership with Norman Sandridge

    We will focus on finding and asserting one's role in a community by exploring the phenomenon of dehumanization and how the women of ancient Greece challenged conventional stereotypes to foster reconciliation in their community in the comedy Lysistrata by Aristophanes (411 BCE).

  • July 14 - WORKSHOP 4B: Idea Generators for Social Change with Valia Loutrianaki and Giota Giannopoulou

    Using Edward de Bono’s team creative thinking strategies and Kieran Egan’s imaginative education program, we will explore the need for creativity in everyday life and in every case of difficult social circumstances. Through simulations we will highlight the need for many, suitable and original ideas.

  • July 14 (2:30 EST/9:30 Greece) - GUEST LECTURE: "Multiculturality as a Dead End Street? A Journey Through Literature" with Dr. Xavier Mínguez López
  • July 15 - WORKSHOP 4C: Migrants and Refugees: the Plight of Stateless People with Georgia Karela and Mary Marin

    Stateless people may have difficulty accessing basic rights such as education, healthcare, employment and freedom of movement. Without these things, they can face a lifetime of obstacles and disappointment. Specifically designed activities from UNHCR and thoroughly selected photographic material will help participants gain a better understanding of what it means to be a global citizen and how we can make a difference in the world.

  • July 16 - WORKSHOP 4D: Democracy House: Who Would You Invite? with Rhonda Knight

    Campers will examine the popular quarantine house meme and then think about how they would create their own house based on democratic principles and dispositions that they define. Students are not required to have participated in the Behaviours and Skills session to participate in this one, which will ask campers to populate their own Democracy House with characters they choose from their Democracy Camp reading.

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